Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Story of The Little Needlecase

Whimsy and Grace Needlecase

I just finished my needlecase- the last of my basketweave projects for a while.  Supposedly this should have taken me 26.25 hours to stitch since it is 3 3/4 inches by 7 inches and I've been told the default stitching time on 18 count canvas is 1 hour per square inch.  It seemed to take a lot longer, but that could have been because I added in the time I THOUGHT I should be finishing it along with the actual stitching time.

Oh well,  it's done now and I plan to use it to store my chenille and beading needles to keep them separate from the regular ones.  They seem to be more delicate and prone to bending and breaking.

We have our ANG meeting in a few weeks and everyone is going to bring in their "Go To" and "Can't Live Without" tools and gadgets for needlepoint.  As you can imagine I am struggling with this since I have all kinds of gadgets spread out around me when I stitch.  Plus, in my tool stash I have 3 kinds of laying tools, probably 5 kinds of scissors, lights, magnifiers, 2 table stands, 1 floor stand, several kinds of needle threaders, tweezers for loose threads and pullers for threads that are jammed in the back of the canvas.  I have punch needles and felting needles and it goes on and on....

The Wall Street Journal used to have a column about what's in the CEO's briefcase which I always thought was a lot of fun- everyone had some unique personal item beyond the usual keys and phone.  (Maybe no phones - this was a long time ago- even before the internet when people actually read the paper.)  Here's a picture of my tool kit that I carry EVERYWHERE.

Contents of my tool bag
These must be my favorite things.  How can I choose? - Oh, and it's good to have a store coupon in there too!!!


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  1. I must say Linda, your tool bag and mine look very similar :) Your Creche is looking good. It was awesome to see it finished in her store!