Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Time for the UFO Throwdown!

David McCaskill Autumn Candle

This coming Thursday is our September ANG meeting when we choose the unfinished project that we will TRY to finish in the next 6 months.  This year a new category has been added...Project Half Done.  I have quite an extensive list of those so no problem there.  It also must have an incredibly sad story to go with it as to why you never finished it.

I have chosen my Autumn Candle by David McCaskill (pictured above).  Now it may look like it is more than half done, but if you have ever done a "David" piece you will know that I did all the easy parts and broke down when it came to compensating around all those leaves!  It also has a SAD story...

This was a class at our local needlepoint shop in the fall of 2007.  My youngest daughter had just gone to college and we were "empty nesters" for the first time so why not a challenging needlepoint piece to while away the hours!  Not long after the third class my husband had a medical emergency involving his leg (it's fine now) which effectively transformed him into my third child- a 200 pound child in a wheelchair.  This lasted for 2 1/2 months and I was way too exhausted to do any COMPENSATING.  He was still in that wheelchair when my baby got mono at college and was hospitalized.   I contacted a few of my friends and asked them to feed my third baby and I flew out to take care of the REAL baby in California.  (She's fine now).  Are you crying yet??  When I flew home with the REAL baby 3 days before Christmas that year I had abandoned the candle.

Since then I have learned many things that will  help me finish the candle.  First, from Amy's creche I have learned to baste the canvas to help with the counting for compensating.

Basting stitch

I have also learned how to read a graph much better and figure out different pathways for the same stitch.

Lastly, I learned that you need to have an emergency needlepoint tool kit and project ready to go!  And the easier the project the better!

Happy Labor Day,


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