Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FINISHED Halloween in my Mailbox

Hi everyone,

You know how the stores and shopping malls are always one (or two) seasons ahead?  Like Back to School in June...Christmas before Halloween?   Well, I just got  three of my Halloween candies back from Bedecked and Beadazzled.  Getting set for the Halloween contest in the fall!!!

Candy Corn

Bat Candy

All 3 candies on the silver candy dish

I'll bet my husband's grandmother never thought her candy dish would look like this!

And a "sneak peek" at my newest UFO...also Halloween...and also three quarters done!

Cat Walk

Just like Macy's, I have moved on to Halloween without putting away Easter!

Happy stitching,



  1. Hi Linda,
    Your Halloween candies are fabulous. I gave Ruth mine about two weeks ago for finishing. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Cat Walk.

  2. Thanks, Linda. Cat Walk is a project from 2005. I bought the canvas at Artiseia and Wendy Harwood wrote the stitch guide for me. I should be able to finish in time for Halloween!

  3. The candies are exquisite!! I don't think I can resist any longer, I will have to go ahead and sign for the club. I have Cat Walk too but haven't started it, I really look forward to watching your progress on yours!

  4. You will enjoy the candies Ada. They are small and you get to finish quickly. I hope you like beading!