Saturday, April 7, 2012

Moving Day

Santa Parade
Hi everyone,

In golf, Saturday is "Moving Day" meaning that is the day if you are going to make your move up the leaderboard you had better get it done.  Phil Mickelson sure did that today at Augusta.  Love how he came back from that disastrous hole yesterday!

In my world, moving day means finishing my UFO and moving it from unfinished project to FINISHED!  I have loved working on this piece even though it took all day yesterday and today to lock down those snowflakes and the gold beads on the bottom border.  The gold beads on the border just don't want to sit up straight on top of the red velvet.

Here are some more photos....

Snowman and his Christmas tree

Santa and his bear

Squirrel with the bushiest tail!

I ended up doing the pompom and the squirrel's tail YET AGAIN with the technique that Susan Portra taught us in Naples.  Three times a charm!

Happy Easter,



  1. Wonderful finish! I particularly like all the different hats.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! Wonderful stitching.

  3. Thanks everybody! Trying to decide what to tackle next from that HUGE list! Maybe a Halloween unfinished canvas?