Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gandalf or Voldemort?

Good morning everyone,

This is  a photo of my last finished canvas which is now in the very capable hands of Ruth to be finished as a companion to Wolfman.  I went through the wizards names and the most popular are Gandalf and Voldemort.  Since he looks so friendly I've decided he must be the friend of Middle Earth, Gandalf, not the evil Voldemort from Harry Potter.

He was started LONG ago while we were on a trip to Syria.  I did get a few funny looks from the tour guide since it was a little hard to explain Halloween to the Syrians.  But he is finally finished!

I've been working diligently on Rebekka and thought about starting to keep a list of my hours but that was a little daunting.  I probably have about 50 hours invested on that one project, but it keeps getting better with every section completed.  This week I will take some photos of my finished sections.

Have a great week,



  1. He is definitely Gandalf or possibly Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Too cute!

  2. Yes, Steph...Dumbledore probably would have been a better choice. He's even cuter. Can you tell I have older kids? This week is leaf applique on Rebekkah ! Which may require a padded room

  3. Hi Linda,
    He came out great! Cannot wait to see the finishing.
    Have fun with Rebekkah this week.