Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School

Mod Heart

Hi everyone,

Just a short post to show you the progress I'm making in Heart class.  I'm trying to do about an hour of homework every night while Emily watches through the gate.  She has never been in my stitching room, but there is a see through baby gate!

This project will be for my youngest daughter who swears she was born in the wrong decade and is bewildered by the fact that I do not know all the lyrics to every song from the 60s!  When she was in  middle school we went to a lot of concerts with aging rockers...and their fans who thought they were still in high school.  That was troubling!  So I have seen Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Greatful Dead, Simon and Garfunkel, the Monkees and many other bands twice!  Some bands I have seen three times!!  I even have an album where I kept the ticket stubs...I apparently went to a Three Dog Night concert on November 1, 1969.  Guess what it cost?  $6 per ticket.  Well, that dates me for sure.  I'm not sure Molly knows what a ticket stub actually is.

Heart closeup

So back to school I go every night.  At least there's no traffic!

Keep stitching,


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