Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Stitching

Hi everyone,

I have really enjoyed watching the first week of competition.  Swim, swim, swim...paddle, paddle, paddle.  I can actually watch the swimming live (well, taped delayed) without knowing the results, but the gymnastics is another story.  I just finished watching the ladies (girls) team final and wasn't it nice to know ahead of time that we WON.  I cried anyway.  I felt SO bad for those little Russian girls - that is worse than the agony of defeat!

Here at home we are working on our doggie paddle event.  Emily is a great swimmer, but we have a boat so it's best that everyone have a life vest.

Emily trying on her life jacket
And here she is trying it out in the pool

Emily retrieving her octopus in the pool

We cut the tag off after that -  she is not Minnie Pearl!

And here is my Olympic stitching - I was behind but Ruth has given us 3 weeks to catch up...
Bottom right corner
Good thing needlepoint is not an Olympic event.  I would have a hard time finishing and getting a medal!

Enjoy the rest of the games,


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