Friday, August 17, 2012

Spontaneous Combustion

Hi everyone,

It is so hot here that if you spend more than 20 minutes outside you think you will just burst into flames!  We are spending most of our time IN the water or riding ON the water or looking AT the water or DRINKING water.

Even Emily is in on the act.

Emily on the boat
Emily doing beach cleanup
Since my last post I have received Halloween finishing...

Halloween monster
Salamander candy
Candy dish

I have my UFO assignment for 2013...Here were my 3 choices

Boat Buddies was a HAVE TO HAVE canvas that I have not started yet, but has tons of ribbon flowers

Boat Buddies

My David McCaskill Firecracker which I need a cattle prod to finish

Firecracker base

Check out the bunting

And last but not least the chapter favorite and my project to finish... Rebecca.  Good thing they chose this one, I have 4 more to go!

Have a great weekend.  Stay cool!


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