Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Christmas Stitching

Hi everyone,

Christmas is over in our house - it always goes fast at the end.  Thought I would post a photo of one of the golden crackers on the tree...right there next to whoever that Disney character is!

I learned a few things this year about Christmas and my family :)

1.  There's a reason people have fake trees - so they don't have to get under it twice a day to water it!  Also, most fake trees come pre-lit! Thereby giving you an extra 3 hours to decorate.

2.  If you make a needlepoint Christmas pillow THEY WILL SIT ON IT!  Not pick it up and admire it!!  Although, when you gasp they will pick it up and stare at it wondering if it is about to explode or something.

And, so now on to the New Years resolutions which are usually the same as last years....finish more projects and learn to make soup!

Happy Stitching,


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  1. I share your Christmas pillow pain! Happy New Year