Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ice Dancing vs. Needlepoint

Hi there,

I've been organizing my canvas stash in preparation for incoming stash from Ruth.  I found this piece that I just HAD TO HAVE in 2011 (!).  The design size is only 5x7 and I think it would look elegant as a standup.  A departure from my usual whimsical choices.

Last night as I was tivo watching ice dancing from Monday night I thought I would jump right in.  Now, upon receiving the canvas in 2011, I did the red leaf so that doesn't count for last night's work.  All I got done in the 2 hours of tivo watching was this!

So you can see who won THAT competition!  Maybe I should go back to stitching through the bobsled while waiting for ice skating...because when the ice skating starts it's NEEDLES DOWN, EYES UP!!!

Next week we are off to Needlepoint in Paradise for another class with Susan Portra.  I got this at Absolutely Needlepoint yesterday to go with my Melissa Shirley Valentines Basket.

Love it!  (pun intended)


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