Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good Thing I Like Pink

Hi everyone,

We are back from a whirlwind trip to Naples to see Susan Portra and to visit the most amazing bead shop!  Almost makes you want to move there!!

My canvas this time was  Melissa Shirley's newest basket...the Valentine's basket.  Here are some closeups - this is the top right section

This canvas is on 13 count which makes a huge difference.  Naturally there's a heart in the basket and I am brick bead stitching with size 11 beads.  All the beads are 11s on size 13.  So much easier...did I say that already?  I'm going to look for real lace to gather and couch on to the edge.

Here's another sneak peek.  The gold hearts have to be re-done...I just jumped right on in without consulting my notes.  Oh well on 13 (!) it's easy to start over.

Now my game plan is to do one section every 2 weeks and see Susan in the fall for further advice.  We will see how that goes.  I'm sure my stitching friends will nag me to keep up!

And here is some of my 2013 finishing which is STILL arriving...more Melissa Shirley...the golden crackers.

Back to organizing my projects!



  1. What is the name of the bead store? I live up the road from Naples and am looking for beads! Thanks

  2. Sorry to be so late in responding - just got back to blogging with a new logic board. The bead shop is The Bead Boutique of Naples. It's on Tamiami Trail North. Hope that helps