Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lessons Learned


Never go to the supermarket 4 hours before the Super Bowl even if you just need a "fresh" Rotisserie chicken for your princess dog!!!  It was worse than the day before Thanksgiving!!!

Now you can guess where I just returned from.  NOT a needlepoint Super Bowl Sunday sale :(

Seriously,  I also learned something else today.  Remember that a stitch guide is just a guide, not gospel truth.  This is especially so when stitching the firecrackers.  I've had to do a few changes along the way...AND THAT'S OK.

The stitch guide called for the strings to be done in #12 Kreinik but that was too heavy for my taste so I switched it to #8.  I also changed the colors of the strings...those balls at the end will be sequins.

And so I hope to finish this while cheering on the Denver Broncos in 3 hours...can't wait for the animal ads.

Have a great week,


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