Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trebizond.. A Love Hate Relationship

Hi there,

Have you ever had a thread that you swore you hated to work with?  For me that thread was Trebizond.  Always getting snagged on the canvas and the twist unraveling on me - I hated working with it.  Well, you know it was the size canvas that was the problem, not the thread.

On the base of my Valentine's Basket (size 13 canvas) I used Trebizond in long stitches and it worked beautifully.  So next time you have a thread that's a pain to work with, take another look - it may be the size of the canvas that's giving you trouble or even the stitch you are using.

Here are my beaded birds sitting (very happily) on Trebizond woven ribbons

And here is my beaded heart.  I used jewelry wire strung with beads to outline the heart

And the basket - another woven stitch

Almost done with my March homework!  Floor-check,  beaded birds-check, beaded hearts-almost check, basket-almost-almost!!

Have a wonderful weekend


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