Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Perfect Job

Hi everyone,

Do you remember the show "What's My Line?".  Yesterday, my husband and I visited the Miami Center and I discovered the perfect job. (Most of you don't know what or where that is so it's not a spoiler alert).

Here are the requirements:

1.  You must be able to hyper focus for 2 hours at a time on a small area.
2.  You must be good at multi-tasking
3.  You must be able to make quick decisions and not overanalyze them.
4.  You must like talking on the phone

Here are the benefits:

1.  You get paid on the job training and mandatory retirement with benefits at age 56.  Whatever grades you had in school won't hold you back.
2.  You leave everything outside when you go to work, including your cell phone so there are no distracting calls.
3.  When you're done, you're taking work home with you
4.  No office politics
5.  You can nag people (mostly men) and not only must they respond...they must DO what you say within 15-30 seconds or you can get them in trouble.
6.  You always have electricity and air conditioning

And here is my needlepoint from last night :-)  The pumpkin is brick beaded.  I'm going to work on the stem today...twisted laisy daisy

Have you guessed the job yet?


Happy Stitching,


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