Sunday, March 23, 2014

Christmas 2014...A Start

Hi everyone,

I've recently been struck by a sinus infection that is so bad my teeth hurt.  I even went to my favorite doctor, "Dr. Google" and this is not something that I imagined! So this post is under the influence of Cipro and massive amounts of water to try and flush it out!

I have another week until I get back to the Valentine's basket so I'm working on Christmas.  It helps to get this out of the way early to avoid stress :)

Here's one of the Flakes.  It's best to do the background outside in natural sunlight since the snowflake is done in Prisms. If you have used Prisms you know it's hard to see to work with.  Don't ask why I did the scarf before the background since now I have to lift up the fringe in order to stitch it.  I'll just say that I love the wig stitch! Or maybe I was trying to avoid doing the background under the scarf?

Here's the fringe in the wig stitch

And here are the minis for Molly's tree - check those off the list!

Yes, this is Fred

Have a wonderful Sunday!  I'll be sneezing!!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trebizond.. A Love Hate Relationship

Hi there,

Have you ever had a thread that you swore you hated to work with?  For me that thread was Trebizond.  Always getting snagged on the canvas and the twist unraveling on me - I hated working with it.  Well, you know it was the size canvas that was the problem, not the thread.

On the base of my Valentine's Basket (size 13 canvas) I used Trebizond in long stitches and it worked beautifully.  So next time you have a thread that's a pain to work with, take another look - it may be the size of the canvas that's giving you trouble or even the stitch you are using.

Here are my beaded birds sitting (very happily) on Trebizond woven ribbons

And here is my beaded heart.  I used jewelry wire strung with beads to outline the heart

And the basket - another woven stitch

Almost done with my March homework!  Floor-check,  beaded birds-check, beaded hearts-almost check, basket-almost-almost!!

Have a wonderful weekend


Saturday, March 8, 2014

This Goose Laid a Beaded Egg

Here's the half way point... six down and six to go.  The hardest part was the heart...probably did that 4 times.  Not stopping in the middle of the stitch was key!

Have a great weekend,


Friday, March 7, 2014

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

Hi everyone,

Can you guess what arrived today?  Yes, the whole Kit and Kaboodle of Why Fit In!  I've been working and didn't even have the time to see if I had the stretcher bars, so I just ordered the whole darn thing...canvas, bars, snap tray, fob...the whole kit and kaboodle!  I had to stand up on a chair in my kitchen to get it all in!

The fob

The snap tray

And what a face!

As soon as I finish my Valentine's basket homework for March (the table and the basket) I'm going to tackle her feathers!

Have a happy weekend!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Perfect Job

Hi everyone,

Do you remember the show "What's My Line?".  Yesterday, my husband and I visited the Miami Center and I discovered the perfect job. (Most of you don't know what or where that is so it's not a spoiler alert).

Here are the requirements:

1.  You must be able to hyper focus for 2 hours at a time on a small area.
2.  You must be good at multi-tasking
3.  You must be able to make quick decisions and not overanalyze them.
4.  You must like talking on the phone

Here are the benefits:

1.  You get paid on the job training and mandatory retirement with benefits at age 56.  Whatever grades you had in school won't hold you back.
2.  You leave everything outside when you go to work, including your cell phone so there are no distracting calls.
3.  When you're done, you're taking work home with you
4.  No office politics
5.  You can nag people (mostly men) and not only must they respond...they must DO what you say within 15-30 seconds or you can get them in trouble.
6.  You always have electricity and air conditioning

And here is my needlepoint from last night :-)  The pumpkin is brick beaded.  I'm going to work on the stem today...twisted laisy daisy

Have you guessed the job yet?


Happy Stitching,