Monday, October 17, 2011

9 weeks to Christmas

Can you believe that!  What happened to 2011?  We are still in tropical summer here in Florida so the only way to check on the seasons is to go shopping and see what the store decorations are.  Halloween has been up since Back to School was put away and you can bet that Christmas decorations are around the corner.

With those 9 weeks to go I know I won't get quality stitching time so I have picked out 2 projects that I hope to complete before New Years.

Sew Much Fun Christmas Trees

A lot of shops have been doing this canvas and we are too at Absolutely Needlepoint.  This has been finished as a beautiful tray and I have told my husband that we will have champagne for Christmas Eve!  My friend Mary and I worked on this on Saturday because we are having such Beautiful weather here...NOT...well at least no mosquitos.  It is still raining - day 3 and counting.  It's one of those projects that you need to count carefully and we did so much counting ( to 4 ) out loud on Saturday that we were both exhausted.

And then there's Joseph.  Mary and Jesus have been waiting....

And I remember when I thought the background was challenging!  Why did I never finish this?

Time to start the Christmas list!

Keep stitching!



  1. I think you and I both stopped stitching Joseph when we got to the part of the stitch guide that directed bullion knots for his fingers. I practiced and practiced on my practice canvas, bought some milliner's needles, and actually stitched several larger bullions on another piece. But, I look at this Nativity series as heirloom quality and it's hard to go back to it, knowing that my technique in bullions might not be good enough. You've inspired me to try it again!

  2. That's one of the reasons I stopped for sure. I think I may just tent stitch the fingers and move on. My fingers are never going to look as good as Amy's and with Joseph being a central figure I don't want to mess up.
    Good luck!