Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Feet

Hi Everyone,

Ok maybe I stole that tag line but it totally applies to my Roo Bear.  I have been working on his feet and ears and I have come up with a formula for gathered Sparkle Rays...
Original unstitched canvas
Covered design
Gathered Sparkle Rays

The gathered Sparkle Rays makes great lettering on the blank canvas.   However, I always had a question as to how much to use for each letter.  So I did a test....

20 inches of Sparkle Rays laid flat
3 inches gathered Sparkle Rays

So my formula is approximately 7 to 1.  You need 7 inches of Sparkle Rays for each inch of lettering.  That  should make it easier each time you use this technique.

And Congratulations to Lisa of Accoutrement Designs on her web radio debut!  LOVE YOU!

Keep stitching,


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  1. First, thank you for your support, plug and compliments. Second, this is a great tip! I can not tell you how many pieces I cut and ended up using them for different letters or tossing. I think I went through 4 cards for Ghoul Friends. Thanks for sharing. Eek looks FABULOUS!