Friday, October 21, 2011

Helpful Hints

Everyone loves to give a helpful hint.  Remember all those hints and "suggestions" your mother gave you as a kid?  I'll bet they are burned in your memory.  When I was little, one of my mother's favorites was..."Don't you think you should brush your hair?" which has now segued into "Did you put on makeup?".

My helicopter instructor is CONSTANTLY giving me helpful tips which he has to repeat every week because quite frankly I am still too terrified to allow them to sink in to where I can recall them at will.  Last week my tip for crossing over a line of telephone poles was to "cross at the pole".  Of course my first inclination was to stay AWAY from the pole!

And why do we cross at the pole?  Because the telephone wires will never be higher than the pole.  DUH...

As we stitch our way through life we also pick up helpful hints from our stitch guides.  Amy Bunger is probably famous for her TIPS! in her stitch guides.  If you are new to her stitch guides I HIGHLY recommend reading and re-reading these before proceeding.  A few favorites... always make a color copy of the canvas before stitching on it and if you want to use leftover thread be sure that it is from the same dye lot!

I just got the Spyglasss Seahorse by Dede Ogden and Dede has helpful hints too.  The background is skip tent and she recommends stitching on the vertical intersecting thread to keep the stitch "high" so it will show up better.  My addendum to that would will always know where to put the stitch even if you move to another section of the canvas if you follow that rule.

It has stopped raining finally and winter is almost here!

Off to Tennessee


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