Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Magnet Craze!

My magnet collection
It seems that the needlepoint world has gone CRAZY for magnets!  Well, since we are part of the original "friends" of Mag Friends our stitching group has been magnet crazy for quite a while.  I recently decided to  gather all my magnets together just to see how many different kinds I had.  I found this white magnetized board at the Container Store that sets up like an easel so I can display them in my stitching room. FUN FUN FUN!!

I have Elizabeth Turner magnets, Zecca magnets,  Kelmscott Designs magnets,  Puffin magnets, handpainted magnets, handmade felt magnets and of course Mag Friends magnets. That's a lot of magnets.  I think I used that word 15 times in this post!

 I may have to get another board!

I'm off to gather Sparkle Rays for Roo Bear's feet...

Keep stitching,



  1. Linda, I think you need more magnets. One to match each canvas you work on!! That is my goal :)

  2. Actually Sheena I do have more magnets, but they are on my unfinished projects! And I did buy another white board for them!