Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Farm Cat at Blackberry Farm

Blackberry Farm Kitty

I joined Stitcherie yesterday and posted this photo of the farm cat from Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.
I had several comments that there was a white bar across the photo so here she is again!  When we first met she came up to me and curled up right on top of my shoes.  Smart cat!  Knows how to pick out the cat lover!!

More tomorrow,



  1. The white bar is from an iPad glitch. Several Stitcherie members have iPads and they see the white line. I think it's a driver problem but I'm not sure. Some software conflict, anyway. It was nice of you to repost so they could see the lovely cat. Is Blackberry Farm in Gatlinburg?

    Jane, waving from CH but raised in East Tennessee

  2. Thanks Jane. I don't have an iPad yet so I would not have known that. Blackberry Farm is in Walland, Tennessee which is just south of Knoxville. We were on the outer ring of the airport when we went in to land. It's a beautiful spot and did not disappoint!