Friday, November 4, 2011

Southern Hospitality

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I know that some of my readers come from small towns....I do not.  In Miami when we leave home we double lock our doors, turn on the alarm system, shut our front gates (which have "bad dog lives here" signs), get in our cars...lock those doors and THEN go to the grocery store.  I have been known to search far and wide to find a purse with lots of zippers to protect my wallet.

When we took our trip from Miami to Tennessee to see the fall leaves we encountered a different America from the one we are used to.  Let me introduce you to Elberton, Georgia.

Elberton, Georgia

This is Elberton on the aviation chart.  My main job on the trip was navigation.  Even though I have been taking flying lessons, I am still not 100% comfortable flying while my husband watches.  He is however very confident in my map reading skills.  So here is little Elberton in northeastern Georgia.  It has a solid purple circle which means it has a paved runway and little points coming out the sides indicating it has fuel.
We stopped here for fuel before crossing over the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Smoky Mountains to get to Blackberry Farm.  No one answered at the FBO when we called so we landed to check it out.

Elberton, Georgia

The office was WIDE OPEN so after looking around and generally announcing ourselves I called the number on the sign to see where they were and when they were coming back so we could get fuel.  And that's where I came face to face (or phone to phone) with HONESTY, TRUST AND SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY.  Randy answered and told me (I kid you not) that the pump was on and to take as much fuel as we wanted and we "would settle up later"!  He told me he had NEVER had a problem! And so we did and we have a story to tell for the rest of our lives.

Eric fueling up
And lest you think that I have forgotten that this is also a needlepoint blog, here is a photo of my Indians that go with my Rebecca Wood Thanksgiving Village.

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