Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Early Thanksgiving

Hi everyone,

The first canvas in the Kelly Clark Elegant Thanksgiving arrived today and it is beautiful. Yes, Virginia, UPS does deliver on Veteran's Day.  I have always loved her painted canvases and this is my first chance to also use her stitch guide.  I previewed many of her posts on her blog so I know that this will be a gorgeous series.

It also came with a sweet painted magnet - all the craze these days....

And my friend Lisa of Mag Friends made me a fabric Thanksgiving bag that exactly fits my canvas!  Is this a new business opportunity?  Magnets and project bags that match???

I can't wait to go through the stitch guide this weekend and look at all the cool fibers - love Planet Earth silk!

Have a great weekend - reach out and thank a veteran!  I thanked mine - my friend and helicopter teacher  Ron is a Vietnam Vet and he is the coolest guy I  know.

Keep stitching,


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