Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Put Away the Halloween Candy and Bring out the Turkey!

Hi everyone,

We are back from a six day helicopter trip to Blackberry Farm in Tennessee to see the Fall leaves.

Cades Cove, Tennessee

We had beautiful weather (! ) and got back just in time before the bad weather set in.  Have you ever gone on vacation and taken too many projects?  No kidding - I didn't put in one stitch - hit the bed each night and was OUT!  Well, my hands are rested and ready to go!

Here is the Halloween candy that I "thought"  I was going to whip right through on my trip. (Just finished last night)

Halloween Candies

Yesterday I put away all the Halloween needlepoint and brought out Thanksgiving....

Absolutely Needlepoint Turkey
I love Thanksgiving.  Especially the part where we make everyone at the table say what they are thankful for.  I am going to start with the amazing coincidence that my kids are arriving from LA and Chicago within one-half hour of one another!  THANK YOU!!  Let's hope the airlines stick to that schedule.

Tomorrow a post about a special place in Georgia where gas is on the honor system!



  1. This turkey is too cute! Where did you get him?

  2. Thanks! He is from Absolutely Needlepoint in Miami, Florida. He has 10 feathers and 2 wings which are line drawn. Each feather has a color theme and is divided into sections which are done in different stitches. He was a great project!