Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lollipop lollipop

Hi everyone,

I have been doing lollipops lately in an effort to finish up my various Christmas canvases so I can MOVE ON to Spring (and further on to Elegant Thanksgiving).

Here are my Ruth pops.  They are beaded naturally but there is a change in stitching direction with each color change.  I especially like the stem!

Candyland Lollipops
And here is my Gingerbread Village pop.  I have a before and after photo of this one.  In the first photo I took a short cut and put both the blue and white flair in the needle and twirled them to make the pop.  But I didn't like how the two colors blended together.

Twisted flair pop

So I decided to put each thread in to the canvas separately and twist them together by hand (like braiding hair)

Flair separated by one thread
And the end result is a much more color differentiated and I think prettier pop!

Lollipop second try

And here's a tune to make you SMILE!  Enjoy


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