Monday, January 9, 2012

Manatee Love

Hi everyone,

Don't you love this face?

Florida Manatee

I have just finished my husband's manatee belt and if you don't live in South Florida you may not know what a manatee is so here is your fun fact of the day.

Manatee belt
Manatees are large marine mammals that live in warm coastal waters.  They are our state marine mammal and are endangered so when we go boating there are warnings to slow down for Manatee Zones.  They are herbivores and eat underwater plants and weigh over 1,500 pounds.  They move VERY SLOWLY.  A fun "dental" fact is that they only have molars to grind their food and when the molars wear out they fall out and are replaced with new ones!  This was interesting to me because I am having to have my second molar extracted today and I would like to have a new one grow in - but I am not a manatee!

Here is my daughter's manatee pillow - the first pillow that I made for her.  She was an environmentalist from day one!

Have fun stitching this week,


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