Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend Update- Santa vs. Rebekah

Hi everyone,

I know I stole that line from SNL but a lot can happen in a week.  Yesterday I bought a new macro lens for my camera so I can get some better close up shots of my canvases in progress.  I just jumped right in without reading the manual so give me some time.  I'm torn between two canvases - sort of like the Republicans (although I've made up my mind there).  I am also discovering that there are a lot of common techniques in both canvases.  So here are some of my shots...

Snowman hat
The grapes are covered beads  just like on the polar bear's hat:

Lettuce and Grapes

Acorns "before"
The acorn tops are done in the same weaving stitch as the snowman's hat:

Acorns after

I'm not 100% sure about the lettuce, but I'm leaving it in for now.  And I used the wrong color green memory thread on the stem for the grapes, but that's easy to replace.  I kind of like it .  We will see when the other leaves are in.  

Off to ride my bike!



  1. I like the lettuce (cabbage?) myself. Looks good enough to eat to me!

  2. Thanks Jane. I know you were the inspiration behind the pumpkin so I may try that next!

  3. Great pictures....enjoying your new lens and the way it captures your beautiful work.

  4. Thanks Cindy. But it's like HD tv - you will be able to see all the mistakes too!

  5. I think the lettuce looks just like Kelly's. You are doing a great job and making me wish I had jumped in. I am waiting on Amy's Thanksgiving House as my major project this year.

    Can't wait to see more from you!

  6. Thanks Steph. I still have the creche to finish! I am trying to break these projects up into small pieces- yesterday was the acorns! Today I am back to Santa...