Friday, January 20, 2012

Santa Parade Update

Hi everyone,

At our last ANG meeting we had a review of our unfinished projects (ugly).  I am supposed to finish my Santa Parade and quite honestly it was the first time I had looked at it since it was chosen last year.  It actually wasn't so bad ...meaning not too daunting.   I have been working on it and have a few photos of my progress.

Here is the polar bear.  He's all done (along with the duck) and I love how the covered buttons look on the hat strings.  That's the "detached buttonhole over found object" technique that is on Amy's DVDs.  Have I mentioned how invaluable those DVDs are?  I will also be using this on my grapes on the Elegant Thanksgiving garland so it was a good review.

Here is the bird - all beaded!

When I was doing the beading I broke my tacky bob.  I think I have as many broken tacky bobs as whole ones!   Instead of throwing it away - it has been resurrected as a "half bob attached with magnet".   Works pretty well.  I feel so good about recycling.

I am going to try Ruth's method with the covered memory wire for the candy cane when I get my last installment of the Christmas Tree Farm this week.  Then I can finish Santa!

Have a fun weekend,



  1. Looks adorable. One of my stitching friends has done the Halloween Parade and the Easter Parade for her granddaughter. I hope you finish soon. I want to see it!

  2. Thanks Steph. I finished the hat on the snowman after posting this so I am cruising!

  3. I am doing Elegant Thanksgiving also. I am really stuck on the garland and would like to see what you have done.

  4. Forgot to say that I love what you have done so far on the Christmas march. These canvases are really great.

  5. Your Christmas march looks fabulous! Mine is in my stash awaiting inspiration.