Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Day with Mag Friends

Lisa and I at Naples Airport

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was Lisa's birthday.  I'll bet you thought it was Florida Primary day!  We had already voted early so Eric, Lisa and I decided to take the day off and hand deliver magnets to Needlepoint in Paradise in Naples. (Somebody's got to do it).

We also got Eric's manatee belt fitted and I turned in my canvas for Susan Portra's class that we will be taking at the shop in a few weeks.

Lisa (so sweet)  asked if the magnets would disrupt the controls and then wanted to know if she needed to put her phone on airplane mode... not that she could hear it with her headset on!

Lisa in front of our transportation

Canal in the Everglades -looking for gators!

Lisa in front of the Mag Friends display
Our pilot patiently waiting

And last but not least....MY set of keys with my custom made heli fob!

We had a wonderful time...the weather was beautiful and back to normal today.  Those of you who have primaries coming up --- enjoy the ads!


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