Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stitch in Public Day

Frances, Lisa and Marsha

Hi everyone,

These are photos from last Saturday when we stitched in public to raise awareness of needlepoint.  We had a great time which I guess is the main point!  There is Frances on the left with her latest "car project".  She spends a lot of time in the car!!   Lisa in the middle who is finally finished with her stitching  on the Blair chair (3 Months) and Marsha on the right with the Spread Eagle Witch that we are stitching as a group this year.

Lisa doing something small!

I also took a photo of the bag that I made for Marsha years ago.  It's one of Beth Hunt's girl canvases.  Marsha is a big swimmer so this was my needlepoint image of her.

Marsha lost a belt she was working on and I told her that if she ever loses the bag she is NEVER to tell me!

Have a happy stitching weekend,



  1. Who is the designer of the Spread Eagle Witch project?

  2. Deborah Wilson - It's an older canvas.

  3. I've wanted to buy that canvas/kit. Do you know of anyone who has one for sale?

    1. I just put one on eBay.

  4. I received mine as a gift from my stitching friends so I'm afraid I can't help there. Sorry