Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Me, Love My Birds

My love birds

Hi everyone,

On Monday and Tuesday our stitching group drove (I flew) to Naples to take our first class with Susan Portra at Needlepoint in Paradise.  Wow, we had a wonderful time!  Tonight's blog is going to be mostly the photos that I took at the class.  I was overwhelmed by taking notes, trying out stitches and listening in on everyone else's project.  The greatest part is that there were 4 of us in the class so we get to see 4 projects come to life under Susan's guidance.

Here are Susan and Mary - she always ends up being the teacher's pet.  How come?

And here is Mary's project.  Her sister lives in Hawaii.  We learned a lot about making cording with this one and all about ribbon flowers!

Here are Millie and Frances with Susan

Poor Frances - we had her taking notes on her iPad AND doing videos on her phone

Here are some of the other canvases:

Millie's flower is ALL beads,  Frances has the most exquisite background, and Lisa's is going to be so wonderful you will see it on season 3 of Downton Abbey...

Millie's flowers

Frances' bird purse

Lisa's Mary from Downton Abbey

We met new friends and I have just found out one of our dear friends that we will be visiting in a few weeks when we take a boat trip to the west coast of Florida has taken 3 classes with Susan!  I will have to get cracking!!!

Happy stitching,


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