Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mistakes, I've Made a Few

Progress on Rebekka's Garland
Hi everybody,

You're familiar with "My Way" by Frank Sinatra of course.  My mistakes are only glaring under bright lights and magnification, but they're there.  I'm pretty sure that by the time I get to the third or fourth character in this series I will have perfected the art of cutting extremely small leaves and tacking them down.  Or, I might possibly have been "placed" somewhere safe...

The past few nights have been spent on the oak leaves.  First, I watched Amy do it on her DVD - sort of like watching Annika Sorenstam play golf.  Then I practiced of course - didn't like what I saw and plunged right in.

My practice oak leaf - pretty sad- thought about glue briefly

Looks a little better on the real canvas

Then I outfitted the leaf with some veins which helped

So, I moved right on over to the other side and tacked down another oak leaf and started tacking down the pressed rayon leaves.  Guess what?  There is a front and a back to the rayon leaves.  YOU KNOW which way I tacked them down first.

Finally, to reward myself I decided to make the ribbon mums.  Guess who didn't read the stitch guide carefully?  Frank!  Instead of leaving little openings for the beads, I covered the whole area with the ribbon. And I used the wrong needle.  Although I must say a chenille needle worked quite well.  Needs a little ribbon clean up work on that lower left side.

If you take it all in from a distance it looks quite acceptable.  And those acorns are perfect!

As Frank says,  I did it MY WAY!

Happy stitching,



  1. I didn't even attempt those leaves. All of mine are basket weaved! After all, I figured that the canvas needs a little basket weave. I am now on the Brave and it is going faster - at least the garland. The fish took me 5 hours! The rest of your garland looks fabulous. I cheated on all that stuff. LOL

  2. Well probably no one will ever know that you cheated! I have the Brave staring at me, but I am determined to finish Rebekkah first! Hopefully his garland will be faster.