Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Love a Parade

Santa Parade
Hi everyone,

Here is my Santa Parade finished into a beautiful pillow.  I just now told Emily that she will never never ever even SNIFF the pillow.  Sometimes you can say never.

Here is a picture of the edge with the great custom fringe.  Marlene did a great job and I am so glad I finished before Emily came home.

I am now working on projects that I can move to the center of the table and pick up at a moments notice.  I have watched her chew on a bully stick and NO needlepoint can stand up to those teeth!

Here are some photos of my baby (you can skip to the end)

Emily in the peperomia
Waiting for the treats

Practicing swimming in the birdbath

Have to go - just caught her chewing on the side of the house  (I am not making that up).  How many times a day can I say "get that our of your mouth!"?

Have a wonderful Memorial Day,


1 comment:

  1. Hi Linda,
    The pillow came out beautiful. It really enhances your beautiful stitching.
    Emily is a beautiful puppy. I have to put all my stitching out of reach of my grandson, so I know how you feel.