Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meet Emily


Hi everyone,

Meet Emily.  My Mother's Day gift to myself.  She is a Boykin Spaniel with a face ANY mother would love.   Right now she lives in Houston, Texas so when she gets to Miami next week the weather certainly won't be a shock.  Living with 5 cats might be though.  And of course she will have to become a Miami Heat fan.

Not sure I am going to trust her with needlepoint just yet.

Keep stitching,



  1. she is beautiful!!!!!!!

  2. Adorable and what a face! Never heard of the breed. How large is she? Spaniels are great breeds. Hope it doesn't stop you stitching Rebeccah.

    1. Thanks. Boykin Spaniels are medium size dogs that are used for hunting waterfowl. It's the state dog of South Carolina. She should eventually be close to 40 pounds- right now 12!

  3. Love the new dog!

    Off topic, I have a Nicole Miller helicopter scarf that I never wear and would love to send to you. email me please,

  4. Linda, can't wait to see her..... So cute,,,

  5. Thanks everyone for your support. She is the most wonderful puppy! Sleeps through the night in her crate and doesn't chase cats! The only needlepoint I've done since I got her is basketweave on a belt, but once we get into a routine I will get back to my regular projects. Photos soon...