Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Little Snowman

The Pink Snowman
Hi everyone,

Here is a photo of the little pink snowman.  I finished it myself!  Usually I don't even attempt to self-finish but this was SUPER easy.  As Geico would say "even a caveman could do it".  And so I did!

This was 2 evenings work tops.  I must get another one for my ornament stash.  Never know when you need one and you have passed the finishing deadline.

Right now I am watching the second half of the Heat game from last night.  We are so tired here - even Emily picked up her toy and went in her crate to bed last night.  So we bagged the game at half time.  Naturally they are blowing away the competition.  I must say Emily doesn't seem to care yet.

 Every day brings a new adventure here - today was trying on her mutt muff head set for the helicopter with her trainer.  Emily weighs 12 pounds and has a staff of five already...her parents, the housekeeper, the babysitter and the trainer.  No wonder she's exhausted.  I'm looking for a caffeine iv drip.

Keep on stitching,



  1. This is just unbelievably cute, I would start stitching this right now if I only had this canvas!! You did a fabulous job on the finishing-- perfect fabric and the snowflake and pom-pom are just great!

  2. Thanks Ada. I can't take the finishing credit - it was all in the kit!