Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gray Clouds

Hi everyone,

I'm on the last panel of my Halloween cone and I have to do something with the gray cloud next to the moon.  Don't you love Frank?  He looks like a rapper.

I wanted to use gathered Frosty Rays but I didn't have the right color.

Had this, but it was too light

And then I found this in my thread stash

So I started tubing the two together (this is tip #2 from class last weekend).  The Frosty Rays is a nylon tubed thread perfect for inserting other colors.  Here I threaded up the Silk Lame Braid and threaded it through the Frosty Rays to the other end, making it a deeper gray color

Now I can gather it up and make the cloud the right color

Enjoy your weekend.  THANK A VETERAN!


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