Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rings on Her Fingers

Hi everyone,

I don't know what happened to Thanksgiving this year, but it is all about Christmas around town.  I think Thanksgiving was about 6 weeks ago?  And I am still finishing up those last Halloween ornaments???

Here's number 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas and the edges of two of those rings required making cording and pulling it through and anchoring it so it didn't show through the open purple background.

First you make the cording and then thread a 6 inch piece of kreinik through the loop

take the cut ends and put those through the needle (a bigger one than the canvas calls for)

Use your laying tool to enlarge the holes that you will come up and down in with the cording

pull it through and whip stitch it on the back


And here are two more Golden Crackers finished

One thing about the Golden Crackers - I now have a GREAT stash of gold thread and beads!

See you soon,



  1. Who did the finishing on your Golden Crackers? They are exquisite!

  2. I had them finished at my LNS Absolutely Needlepoint in Miami, Florida