Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Next Up

Hi everyone,

Here's the next canvas that has risen to the surface of the big pile :-)

Now this one is REALLY vintage.  As you can see it's a study in tent stitch...not even basketweave.  And the tent stitch isn't even executed correctly.  It's tent and half cross - well, I had a steep learning curve.  But my taste was excellent - it's Melissa Shirley.   I remember being so proud of picking out the balloon stitch for the clouds.  Now I'm trying to finish it but there's not too much I can do but keep tent stitching :-)  Amy Bunger gave me the idea to outline the kites and add some beads.  And she fixed the grass.... I'm going to put some silk roses in their hair and call it a day.  Well it will be a very sturdy pillow!

Here are the clouds

And I'm not the only one who gets mail here, although Emily's mail doesn't come in bright purple packages.

Have a great day,


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