Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Wrap Up

Hi there,

I was away this weekend so I thought I would post a photo of my 4th of July needlepoint display before I take it down.  My husband asked me if I had needlepoint "worker bees" for Labor Day...I'll have to come up with something now that he's into it.

Here's my dining room (my grandmother would have had her silver tea service right here).  I've only got 4 of my firecrackers back.... but next year !!! they will all be shooting off.  Those are my Kathy Schenkel Uncle Sam and Miss Liberty flanking USA.

Here's the last one ready for gathered ribbon over the felt and of course stars on top.

And I only took ONE project when I went out of town this weekend....ALMOST friends will be so proud.  I'm about to run out of the red floss but I found another in my stash!  Need to work it in though.  It calls for 5 strands so I am going to use 2 new and 3 old so it blends in.  I just need to finish the stripes and add the tassels between the bunting and 7 years later it's done!

Have a great week!


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