Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Finishing Touch

Hi everyone,

It's a big grand ole flag type of day here....the "David" firecracker is finished and moving off the UFO list!  Last night I tried to replicate a hair salon in my stitching room as I combed fray check through the tassels.  You know how you hate that Fyre Werks frays so much?  Here's when you actually WANT it to!!

They look a lot less frizzy this morning.  I'm wondering if that would work on my hair in the summer here?

Here's the big picture

and a close up of the bunting

This piece was a challenge to finish once I got past the stars, because the stripes seemed to go on forever!  Not to worry...I still have more 4th of July...the Melissa Shirley kids!

But back to finishing up Christmas ornaments for me.

Have a great week,


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