Saturday, August 30, 2014

True Confessions

Hi there,

I have a lot of unfinished projects...most of them very complex and requiring tons of room to spread everything out.  (That's why they're unfinished)  While I love the challenge, sometimes it's nice to do something simple.  That was the appeal of the basketweave needlepoint tote I did a few years ago.  I just held it in my hands and stitched.  Loved it.

My older daughter pointed out to me the obvious...Mom, you really need to finish this stuff in my closet!  Maybe I shouldn't have put it all in there :-(.  What I really need is something simple to take a break with and I think I've found it...knitting.  OK there I've said it.

I took my first lesson this week and it's been a long time since I tried something new.  Holding those knitting needles was tough!  But the feel of the wool and the simplicity of only 2 stitches is perfect.

Doesn't look like much but my first try at needlepoint didn't either.  That's the purl side...looks like a turtleneck

Here's my first ball of merino wool.  This is it...2 needles and some wool.  

My friends will be horrified about my confession so here's my messy beading on my bunny (oops! Inga's not MY bunny)

and here's her progress...I'm working on that flower on the right so I can shape her ear better- looks a little big to me

And here's the Madelinetosh wool I'm taking to Chicago for approval for a scarf - feels like silk, but it's 100% wool.

At least I'm still using needles!!

Happy Labor Day,


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