Monday, August 18, 2014

Snaggletooth Beats Bunny in Competition

Hi there,

Last Thursday we had our annual UFO Throwdown where the ANG chapter members choose the project THEY want to see finished in the coming year.  I brought in two projects for them to choose from - my husband's alligator and my 2007 (!) Spring Bunny.  The alligator won the competition.  I felt so badly for the bunny I worked on it all weekend!

Here's the gator...well I thought it was the photo, but it's just another swimming creature...

Let's try again

Here he is with his teeth properly placed

Here's the bunny progress from this past weekend- everybody's getting into the felting act (apparently Chandail was into it in 2007) and it's no wonder...that back leg took about an hour!

and  here's the first creature dry and waiting for a ride

Have a great week!



  1. Love the gator. Sorry he lost. Bunny is cute too.

  2. Thanks :-) Actually he won! So you will get to see him finished!