Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Tame a Basket

Hi everyone,

I'm back to the Valentines Basket.  As you all know, Melissa Shirley's canvases could just be hung on the wall to admire since they are so perfectly painted.  But....we need to enhance with silk, ribbons and beads!  The best way I've found to TAME the beauty is to break it down into parts and keep STARING at it until you figure out the tough ones.

This basket has about 12 parts from the basket to the fruit to the seven kinds of flowers.  I want to try everything on my list before I see Susan Portra in the fall for the balance of the project.

While I was finishing the fruit, I was looking at and thinking about the Gerbera Daisy on top....just what IS that pink thing sticking up on the right side? - I think I'll take that out and fill out the flower

And Bleeding Hearts?  Susan Portra recognized them immediately- I had to look them up on the internet

Here are mine- now that I see them I think I'll pop a few beads on the left one so it looks more like a heart

And my gold  hearts finally (thank you Lisa) surrounded by twisted cord- those are necklaces- if you stare long enough you see the chain - I'm thinking, thinking about what to do there :-)

Eventually it will all come together!

Have a great day!!