Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bunny Love

Let's meet she is with her pillow (she's my grandbunny)

Inga lives in LA- can you tell?  Those are her Mom's sunglasses

And here's the canvas I got yesterday for Inga and her Mom from Creative Stitches in Dallas

Now who does that look like - I'm going to make her all black and white of course.  I'm using Bella Lusso wool - one long strand doubled in the needle for her fur.  Check out the magnet - Accoutrements Designs original.

And here's my bunny that my friends are dying for me to finish.  That ball of fluff on his leg is needle felting- may work on that today :-).  This is on my Unfinished List - one of 4.  It's from 2007 - not so old around here...

Have a wonderful weekend stitching with friends!



  1. Where do you find these beautiful patterns? I've never seen any like this before.

  2. These big bunnies were a series of 4 seasonal bunnies from Chandail in Houston oh so long ago. I think Emily Pannier did the stitch guides