Monday, March 14, 2011

Back from Staycation

Overseas Highway

This year we decided to stay home in March for our vacation.  We tend to take our vacations in March because hurricane season lasts so long here that once it starts (June 1) it doesn't seem to end until almost Halloween and then there isn't time to do anything.  Who can relax on vacation during Thanksgiving and Christmas?!?

So...we spent a week in the Florida Keys and I took photography classes, computer classes and did some quality stitching and flying with my husband.  Okay he didn't stitch, but he watched.

Julie Pischke
One day we flew to Key West (where we could give tours if we wanted to) and I actually got to practice flying, taking pictures out the window (at an angle) and we visited Island Needlework which is owned by Julie Pischke.  Julie was kind enough to show us her shop and let me take her picture for my blog.  She had already heard about the photography class that I took earlier in the week so I don't think she was too concerned about the picture coming out.  Wrong!  She looks great!

She almost always works on 10 or 13 count in basketweave and likes to say "10 is your friend" and when asked about canvases on 18 count refers to THAT as "hateteen".  She uses knitting yarn for her projects which she gets from claudia handpainted yarns (  It comes in several variations and Julie carries Fingering 55 (55% silk/45% merino wool), 100% wool, linen and cotton.  So those of you who are looking for canvases in 10 or 13 with a tropical theme, Island Needlework is for you!

We are getting ready to visit our newest ANG member Jennifer in Washington, DC in a few weeks and DROP IN on Ruth Schmuff!  So I am hard at work on the Mystery Cat!  Will it get off the unfinished projects list?  Stay tuned.

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