Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Isn't She Lovely

This is our first of three geishas that we are doing for a class project.  Who else can it  be but Madame Butterfly?  She even has a butterfly background.  I love that she is facing away from the canvas - she is of course looking (and waiting for) Pinkerton to return to her and their son.  This is the most beautiful and bittersweet moment in Opera  and I am taking extra care with her!!
These are the flowers that are  at the bottom of her kimono.  They are of course chrysanthemums and why are they here?  Because Puccini based Madame Butterfly on the novel Madame Chrysantheme.

WOW,  now I  have connected two of my great loves - opera and needlepoint!  I can't wait to finish.  And you all thought I was a fly boy (girl) geek!

Keep looking up - I'm there


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