Sunday, March 20, 2011

UFO Update #2

before beads
after beads

Here are two photos of the second canvas in my UFO Gingerbread series - almost done!  The stitch guide calls for a "sprinkling" of red beads in the "sky" around the gingerbread boy, but I am not sure about that.  I think it may detract from everything else going on.  Let me know what you think. Although I'm liking it more now that I can see it on the computer! (Can I glue them on? - don't answer that one)

Actually, the real reason I am showing you this photo is because one of our SUPER creative ANG members, Becky, taught us how to make an outline without using a pen.  You use black sewing thread  and guess what??? you can adjust the background until you get it exactly right without  ruining the canvas!  What would Martha say?  It's a good thing!!  Or what would Ina say?  How easy is that!!

We are hard at work on our first geisha girl - what a beautiful piece.  More on that tomorrow

Keep looking up - I'm there...

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