Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japanese Ribbon Flowers

I just finished my last bird from our series at Absolutely Needlepoint and learned a stitch that will help to get the Mystery Cat off the "most want to finish " list!  It's the Japanese ribbon flower that is very easy if you have a STEADY hand and don't pull too tight.  The little blue flowers as seen here are done in this stitch and it is just a matter of coming up through the canvas, holding the ribbon with your laying tool and folding it back down and through with a chenille needle.  The key is to hold down the ribbon and not pull too tight.  Some of my petals are smushed because I pulled too tightly on the way back down.  I'm sure you can pick them out on the photo!

Melissa Shirley Bird #6

This was the part of the Mystery Cat project that had me worried (panicked), but it's the very same technique and makes a nice 3D effect.  It's just done with wider ribbon which is a little harder to control.  So I have conquered my fear of that stitch!  And really it's just a matter of trying - what can possibly happen ?  You need to buy more ribbon?

Mystery Cat Flower
Mystery Cat Face
And finally, I want to show you a photo of my inspiration....Jack who was adopted by our family (actually he adopted us...ok... I went across the street and picked him up and stuffed him inside my sweatshirt) after Hurricane Wilma.  He inspired me to start the Mystery Cat in the first place!  Which led to the birds, etc.  If you have kids you have read... If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - that's me.

According to my husband, I also have Ellie May Clampet syndrome. If you are of a certain age you will remember the Beverly Hillbillies - she collected critters.  He's a keeper.  By the way, he is in front of the cover to our gas tank for our generator - yes we live in Hurricane country!


Lets all think of beautiful Japan and send prayers to them!  Keep looking up - I'm there.


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