Friday, December 23, 2011

Harvesting Tacks

Hi everyone,

I am all ready for Christmas and have only an airport pickup left to do today.  I have been to all the holiday parties for every activity that I am involved in from flying, golf and of course needlepoint.  Part of my needlepoint present was a new canvas that we will do as a group project.  Guess what I need besides thread and stretcher bars?  TACKS!!

Now I am sure that I have plenty of tacks and where do you think they are?  On all my unfinished projects!  So I have chosen 3 of them to finish so I can harvest those tacks for the new Halloween group project.

Caroline's 2012 ornament

Sleigh for Gingerbread Village

Halloween Cone 
The ornament can be finished this year because now I know how to do the present, the sleigh has to be done because it goes with Mom's Village and the Cone has a twin already finished.

Voila!  And then I will have tacks!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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