Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Trees

Sew Much Fun Christmas Trees
Hi everyone,

Here are my Christmas trees in their beautiful tray.  I should have taken the picture of them before finishing but oh well!  They make a beautiful display tray.  Only a few of the beads got smusched  by the glass but at least they are protected.

I had planned to serve champagne on the tray but I'm having second thoughts about that!!

Happy stitching,



  1. Just found your blog and love your stitching. I, too, am working on Kelly Clark's creche with stitch guide by Amy. I have almost finished the first layer of the sky. How beautiful it is, but Wow! I had to do some basting stitches to stay on the straight and narrow. Your grass looks good.

    Stephanie in Texas

  2. Thanks Stephanie. The basting stitches were a great tip especially with the huge canvas to cover! I'm also starting the Elegant Thanksgiving series so I will have lots of complicated work in 2012!

  3. Your Christmas tree is just beautiful. What a wonderful way to finish the trees.
    Who did you have finish your trees.

  4. Thanks, Linda. All of our needlepoint framing is done by Colleen's Frame Station here in Miami. She does a wonderful job and has a great eye.

  5. Hey Linda.... The tray looks great!!
    Will get going on mine soon, 80% done.....
    No stitching in December .....