Friday, April 4, 2014

Are You Ready?

That's a loaded question...

Are you ready for summer?.....  It's coming to you - already here in Miami

Are you ready for the NBA playoffs?....not yet!  Seems like we just did that!

Are you ready for your bathing suit?  Definitely not yet!

But most of all...Are you ready for Game of Thrones Season 4....Oh yes!!!

I have quite a few eclectic tastes - Amazon cannot quite get an algorithm on me... she likes agility dogs, needlepoint, basketball, Candy Crush and Game of Thrones?  I think the only pattern is mathematical complexity - even with Game of Thrones you REALLY need to  study it to know what is going on.

I have my stitching all ready for next season which starts on Sunday

 Seven Swans a Swimming.  Got tons to do here

The Crazy Quilt Firecracker...don't get excited, I'm not going in order (this is the last one)

And I still need to finish my Flake - hate the's coming out.  But the fringe can stay.  I'm working the pesky Prisms in quadrants to keep my sanity.

Enjoy your weekend!


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